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Memory Booster Gold 6.1

An excellent tool to keep your system memory optimized
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Memory Booster Gold is a powerful, advanced and economical tool that will optimize your system memory to keep it working at its top condition.
The advanced capabilities and powerful features of this memory booster will keep an optimized and improved performance of your system. This reliable application can instantly deal with problems related to memory management, monitoring and optimizing automatically your system memory. It will also automatically compress or release memory. This tool proves to be the best choice for optimizing your PC performance or clearing unwanted clutters . With the help of this tool you can easily restore your system memory and improve system response time, keep a constant monitoring over your system memory to automatically restore memory at memory downfalls, defragment memory in the background, display the current memory usage by processes, terminate threatening processes, and analyze and recognize frequently used programs. Also, the program allows you to modify high CPU usage problems, displays a floating window about your system memory, and has many other features to keep your system running as good as new.

Padma Pardhy
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  • Can automatically compress or release memory
  • Constant monitoring and optimizing of memory
  • Can cleanup or compress black list
  • Modifies high CPU usage problems
  • Allows terminate threatening processes
  • Defrags system to release memory


  • No freeware version available
  • Does not support many languages
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